Backingup Multiple Servers

I am evaluating this product as a means to backup several SQL Servers from a central location and I can’t seem to get an individual server to back its databases up to a drive local to that server.

SQLBackup AndFTP resides on server x (no SQL Servers installed but has SQL Server Monitoring installed there so I assumed it a logical choice for SQL Backups too.

Created a job to back up Server A and Server A has a backup drive F:\SQLBackups

I have a specific user setup to run the backups under so it is not my personal account.
This is a typical error message:
3/8/2021 2:39:13 PM [Error] Failed to backup “SIQ_01” database with “Full” backup type: Could not find a part of the path ‘F:\SQLBackups’.

It seems to be a rights issue but I can’t figure out where. Can you tell me how this should be setup?

Hi Caven_Ford,

To resolve the issue, could you please install SQLBackupAndFTP on the same computer where SQL Server is installed, or please use Microsoft SQL Server (remote) as your server type.

If you need to manage many servers from one place it seems our other backup tool suits you best. It is SqlBak. All you need to do is to connect all the needed servers to your account and manage them via Dashboard. We provide a 30 days Professional Trial, so you can test it.