Azure SqlDatabase, resize (dtu) database snapshot before backup

An Azure SQLDatabase may have a very modest size (DTU) because of low daily activity, but when the backup procedure starts extracting data one can easily reach the DTU-limit on the database-snapshot, and then it takes like ‘forever’ to extract/download the backup.
Would be nice if one could set the DTU-size of the database snapshot created during backup. Since the database snapshot only exists for a short period of time the extra cost will be minimal.


Hi Jeol,

Sorry, there is no way to do it, but thanks for the feature request, we’ll consider it. The fact is that DTU management is beyond of SQL connection, and it’s needed to connect to Azur account.

Don’t know if this can be done in the application - but I just tested this from SSMS - and it does work ok!!


It takes a while (a minute or so) before it has effect.


Thanks for the details, we’ll check this.