Azure Cosmos DB for PostGreSQL - Rights


I can connect to a PostGreSQL Cluster for Cosmos DB on Azure but during backup, i get an permission error:

pg_dump: error: query failed: ERROR: permission denied for schema columnar_internal
pg_dump: detail: Query was: LOCK TABLE columnar_internal.options IN ACCESS SHARE MODE".

What are the minimal rights the backup account needs to backup / restore such a DB?


Hello Andre,

You need CONNECT on the database in question, USAGE on all schemas and SELECT on all tables, views and sequences.

Thank you!

Hi Alexander

Thank you for your reply. We were able to solve the error with adding “–schema=public” to the “Extra Command Line Parameters” section in the Backup Job.

Best Regards

Hello Andre,

Great news! Thank you for the update.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or concerns.