Automated log shipping in free edition?


For a hobby project I would like to replicate 1 database from a SQL Express to another instance. I would like to have the automated process of log shipping from one server to another.

I’m confused on whether the free edition could do this, as the feature matrix says:

  • Log shipping: check
  • Run Differential and Transaction log backup (for Local SQL Server only); Full backups are available in all editions: no check

As far as I know Log shipping does require transactional log backup ?

I can’t verify as my installation is currently running on 14 days professional edition.

Thanks for any clarification.

No one that can answer this question ?


Hi Wim_Lambrechts,

Yes, everything is correct, to run a Log Shipping job you have to perform transaction log backups. Transaction log backups can be performed starting from the Standard edition. To run log shipping, SQLBackupAndFTP should be installed on both of your servers. Any paid edition starting from Standard to run scheduled transaction log backups on one server and on your second server you can use the Free edition to run a Log Shipping job.

Here are more details How to Set Up Log Shipping – SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!