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I am new to Sqlbackupupandftp. Sorry if it feels like i am an ill informed person . But i had few questions
I am using the free version of the software.i have following questions

1)Is there any limitation of the free version (mysql Backup )for the number of tables in the database and number of rows per table … I mean if have million tables and each table with the millions of records will i be able to back them up all unlimitedly without any problem???

  1. does this software backs up also user priviliges of the database? so when i restore i do not have to create all the users and grant priviliges for each single one

  2. on the website it is written email notifications are available for the free version too but from personal experience i get the error that in free version this function is not available

  3. stupid question but is it possible that software deletes database automatically?if some setting is not right or backup job fails

positive responses will be highly appreciated

will any one reply? i need this to be answered

Hi Danny_law,

  1. Yes, SQLBackupAndFTP Free edition has some restrictions, here are the detailed matrix SQLBackupAndFTP Features & version comparison The restriction related only to the number of databases you are going to backup, but there are no restrictions on the number of records or tables.

  2. The best practice on how to do it is to create a separate backup job, to backup only the “mysql” system schema. During the backup job settings please scroll down to the “Backup options” where make sure that the “Structure” option is disabled, but the “Data” option is enabled.
    Note, that there is no way to restore data from the system database using SQLBackupAndFTP since SQLBackupAndFTP will try to drop the database before the restore process. Such backups can be restored only manually by copying “INSERT” commands for the following tables: user, db, tables_priv, columns_priv, procs_priv from a backup file to a separate .sql file and import it via MySQL Workbench. After the import run the following query: FLUSH PRIVILEGES.

  3. Yes, you can receive the email notifications with a Free edition, but you have to set your own SMTP Server How to send SQL Backup confirmations through my GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo account | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

  4. Sorry, but SQLBackupAndFTP cannot remove your databases, but can remove old backups. This setting can be found at your backup destination settings.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you!