Amazon S3 Destination error - incorrect region

Hi - we have been backing to buckets in Amazon S3 with no problem for years, suddenly this morning all uploads to our S3 account failed with the following error:

  • 2:31:14 AM : ERROR: Destination error: Incorrect region. “XXX” bucket is in “us-west-2: US West (Oregon)” region.

We haven’t changed anything on our end. Any thoughts?


Actually, I checked our Amazon S3 configuration in SQLBackupAndFTP and our region was set as “Default (US Standard)”. Once I switched it to our actual region, the test connection succeeded.

I’m curious - has something changed in what “default” means? I think our setting has been default all along.

Hi Ann_Ziegler,

Recently some changes related to the region were made because we had an issue when the selected on the UI region did not coincide with the physical location of the bucket, and as a result, the application sent extra requests to S3. We carried out optimization and, now if the region selected in our UI does not coincide with the actual location of the bucket, then the error is generated.

Sorry for the inconvenience.