Slow uploads to Google Drive and S3


Our office service is 200MB down, 7MB up, yet when we run backups to S3 and Google Drive we never see performance higher than 1 MB. Backups to a local NAS run about 19MB, which is what we would expect. I find no spot to specify any upload throttling within the application. How can I achieve faster uploads?



To increase uploading speed to Amazon S3 please use increase threads number at the Amazon S3 destination settings window.

Could you please try to upload a backup file to your Google Drive manually and check the uploading speed?


can you please tell me what path i should insert in the Path field?
i have data in my physical server which is a physical computer, i want to send my sql backup to s3 buckets.
but when i tried a test connection it gives error , buckets doesnt exists.



You can specify the path like BackupFolder/Subfolder.