OneDrive for Business bandwidth TOO slow


We have just started an attempt to backup the db’s from 3 servers (that are fibre connected to the cloud) to OneDrive for business. After a week of trying I am about to give up on the complete project. We have 41,11,14 db’s respectively on the servers and it seems to take 35 hours to move 5Gb from one server to OneDrive. We have raised a query with SlqBak but are still awaiting answers. Is there any definitive way of testing/proving what the actual situation is?. Possible problems would be that there are 3 FULL backups competing for access to OneDrive.


Hi Wilhelm_C_Gons,

For the correct work with OneDrive for Business, we use official libraries from Microsoft, and we do not limit the upload speed. We suppose that the issue is with the throttling mechanism which is used by OneDrive for Business. We can confirm that we implemented all recommendations from Microsoft to handle the issue, but still, some of our customers faced with the same issue.

The only recommendation we can give is to contact the Microsoft support team to check the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hallo Alexander,
The difference between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is astounding:
I manage to get 31 backups totalling 45Gb into my personal OneDrive in 22 Hours.
I CANNOT move any files > 2Gb to he Business version before the token expires(24hrs)
I have tested this by dragging a 370Mb to both versions.
Effectively OneDrive for Business hangs the transfer after 250Mb.
Assuming all values are approximate, we are in trouble.
The only Microsoft mention I could find did not help at all.
I am also not able to get closer to the problem without a Premium Support license.
Can you assist OR do we abort?


Hi Wilhelm_C_Gons,

The code that is responsible for working with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is the same, but OneDrive for Business uses some kind of server-side throttling system. We recommend contacting Microsoft support team to check it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hallo Alex,
I have abandoned OneDrive. No support. Adopted DropBox.
I ran a sample last night and the throughput is roughly 10 min per Gig.
It looks like we will win after all,


Hi Wilhelm_C_Gons,

That’s great! Thank you for your reply.

Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.