FTP Upload slow in trial version



I’m currently testing Sql Backup And Ftp with the 14 day trial version (version 12.2.9 Professional Trial).
When uploading to my FTP Server I only get about 10MB/s, the destination download is 200MBit/s.
When using the Windows Explorer or WinSCP to transfer files to the same FTP Server I get the full speed (about 22-24MB/s).

Is there a limitation in the trial version? I have not set any speed limits etc. in the FTP Connection.

Best wishes


Hi Christoph,

Sorry, but no, this isn’t Trial version restriction. For the correct work with FTP, we use Rebex FTP libraries, it seems they are not fast enough. We can recommend you to try to send backups to FTP with the different settings or try yo use SFTP.

Sorry for the inconvenience.