Auto startup after reboot pc


I have downloaded the trial version. I crates a backup job and tested it. It works fine manually. I want this job to create a backup every 30 minutes, When I reboot the pc the program does not atomatically start. I want it to be running on background and it has to start automatically after reboot pc. Is this possible ? How can I accomplish this ?
Thanks Mark


Hi Mark,

SQLBackupAndFTP consists of 2 components, the fist is UI where you make all settings, and the second is SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server Backup) Windows Service. After you create a backup job and tune a backup schedule, you close the application, and all your backups will be performed in the background. After you reboot your computer SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server Backup) Windows Service runs automatically, and backups continue to be performed according to the schedule.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.