User DB Backup / Restore for Migration?

Good Day

We are using SQLBackupandFTP to keep a Backup of Databases from “Azure Database for PostgreSQL single server” (Version 10). Now we want/need to move to " Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server" (Version 14).

I know there is a Migration function in Azure but as far as i see, it does “only” migrate Schema and Data and there are some additional steps needed to have the migration wizard working.

My question is: Is it possible to use the backups i made with SQLBackupandFTP from Single Server Version 10 DB and restore it to the new Flexible Server V14? Does this work or do i have troubles with Schema and Version of the DB once restored?



Thank you for the details.

SQLBackupAndFTP is a backup tool and the main purpose of the app is to run scheduled backups.

Sorry, but we cannot provide you with any recommendations regarding the migration process.

If you have any other questions, related to SQLBackupAndFTP please let us know.

Thank you!