Unusual error notifications

Hi - we have a pro license for 2 SQL Servers.

Last night we received an email from SQL FTP saying Server 1 was offline for 2 hours, from 9:25 pm to 11:27 pm. It was not offline, and all backup jobs processed as expected.

We also got a failure email from Server 2 at 12:15 am. All databases were backed up as expected from server 2, but the failure occurred when SQL Backup and FTP tried to send the “success” email. The message in the log was: “ERROR: can’t send email to xxx: the underlying provider failed on open.” However, since we actually got the failure emails, I don’t know what this error means.

These are the same email addresses we have been using for years. I ran a test email from Server 2 and it worked.

Are these errors related? Can you explain what might have happened and let me know if there is any action I need to take?


Hello Ann_Ziegler,

Thank you for the details. We have checked the issue, and it appears to have been a temporary network problem. Could you please check to see if everything is working smoothly now?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.