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Hi there
We’ve had an restore problem on MSSQL for linux server running in Docker. You’ve adviced us to use the https://hub.docker.com/r/pranasnet/sqlbak software to fullfill the backup. Now I’ve a few questions about it:

We’re running multiple docker containers each with an mssql-express instance on a linux server.
Each of the docker-containers shares the database files on the host in the destination /home/sysadmin/dockerdata/db_xxx (for each instance there will be an subdirectory.


  1. What’s the “best” way to backup all the instance-database-files with your tool? Running the Tool itself in docker? Is there a container for each mssql-docker-container needed or can we catch-it all at once?
  2. The configuration with this (xxxx is not correct but we’ve got the correct number):
    sudo docker run -e sqlbak_key=‘0cb14dab-671e-4cc1-a560-xxxxxx’ -e sqlbak_name=dashboard_db_testrestore_ -e dbtype=mssql -e user=sa -e ‘SA_PASSWORD=.amv1234’ -e host=ubuntu64test -v /home/sysadmin/dockerdata/sqlbakdata pranasnet/sqlbak
    -> it gives us an Command-Error that the connection is not configured… How can we manage this correctly? See uploaded image. There will be a few parameters missing? Where to correct those?

------------------- Screen
sysadmin@ubuntu64test:~$ sudo docker run -e sqlbak_key=‘0cb14dab-671e-4cc1-a560-db859587eb16’ -e sqlbak_name=dashboard_db_testrestore_ -e dbtype=mssql -e user=sa -e ‘SA_PASSWORD=.amv1234’ -e host=ubuntu64test -v /home/sysadmin/dockerdata/sqlbakdata pranasnet/sqlbak

  • ls -A /opt/sqlbak
  • [ ]
  • cd ./etc/sqlbak
  • ./sqlbak --start
  • [ -z 0cb14dab-671e-4cc1-a560-db859587eb16 ]
  • allvar=1
  • [ -z mssql ]
  • [ mssql = postgres ]
  • [ -z sa ]
  • [ -z ubuntu64test ]
  • [ -z ]
  • [ mssql = mysql ]
  • [ mssql = postgresql ]
  • [ mssql = mssql ]
  • port=1433
  • prw Register on [link deleted]
  • echo -e \e[33mRegister on [Link deleted]\e[0m
    -e Register on [link deleted]
  • [ -z dashboard_db_testrestore_ ]
  • ./sqlbak --register --key=0cb14dab-671e-4cc1-a560-db859587eb16 --name=dashboard_db_testrestore_
    Handling a console command has failed. Failed to register this server. Failed to register this server. Failed to make a request to remote server. PSB:0002 Failed to register a new server. Please try again or contact the service provider.
    PSB:0006 Failed to register server “dashboard_db_testrestore_”. The server with the same name is already connected. Please change the name and connect again… . .
  • [ 1 = 1 ]
    -e Add conection
  • prw Add conection
  • echo -e \e[33mAdd conection\e[0m
  • ./sqlbak --add-connection --db-type=mssql --user=sa --password= --host=ubuntu64test --port=1433
    Invalid syntax. It must be either --<param_name>=<param_value> or -<short_param_name> <param_value>.
    Syntax error. Unknown command.
  • set +o xtrace

------------------------------------- End of screen…

Kind regards
Ruedi Neff

Hi Ruedi,

Thank you for the details.

Please give us some time to check the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Ruedi,

We have checked the issue, and the best way would be to run a container with SqlBak for each container with SQL Server.

According to the error message you get - you are adding a server with the same name that already exists on the dashboard - please remove that server on the dashboard or use a different name. Also, for the SqlBak container, specify the password not in the SA_PASSWORD variable but in the password variable.

Note that the SqlBak container and the container with SQL Server must be on the same virtual network.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Alexander
Thank you for your help! I’m now a little bit further than before. Now I’ve successfully registered the server and the docker container is also running.

As you can see the database-files are shown within the container and everything seems to run. But I’ve the problem that I didn’t see any database when creating a new backupjob for this instance.

What’s my fault here?
Many thanks for our preciated help.
kind regards

Dear Ruedi,

Thank you for your reply.

For further investigations, could you please contact our support team directly https://sqlbak.com/support Also, please provide us with your SqlBak account email address.

Sorry for the inconvenience.