Sql Server in Shared Environment

I have a microsoft sql server database in a shared hosting environment at godaddy. When I try to connect, I receive a timeout error I think likely because their is a large number of databases in the shared environment returned even though the login I have has only access rights to the one database. There is no way for me to enter the database name and prevent the query and subsequent timeout. Any ideas?


Could you please tell us are you able to connect to that database using SQL Server Management Studio?

Sorry, but currently there is no way to perform a remote backup using SQLBackupAndFTP, but we are working to add this option.

Yes. I am able to connect with Management Studio

Thank you for the clarification. We are working to add remote backup option.


Remote backup is rolling out automatically in SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.4.2. If you don’t have it updated yet, just wait a day or two. To do a remote backup, on “Connect” window select “Remote SQL Server” in “Server Type” field.