Scheduled backups have stopped

I’m trying the free version of SQLBackupAndFTP but I can’t get the scheduled task to work as expected.

Windows 10
SQLBackupAndFTP v11.3.12 (restricted by .NET version)

I set the software up a few days ago, manually tested the backup and all was good. I then scheduled the backup, changing the scheduled time several times throughout the day to convince myself all was well.

The PC was disconnected for several days, then reconnected yesterday. Despite being on at the scheduled time, the backup did not happen yesterday or today.

When I opened SQLBackupAndFTP to check the configuration, there was a message at the top about being unable to connect to a specific server. Sorry, I don’t recall the exact wording and don’t currently have access to the PC to check, but I remember licences being mentioned.

As this is the free version, I assumed it wouldn’t be necessary to check the licence but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is it possible to use this program “offline” and still have scheduled backups running? If so, can you explain what might be happening here to stop the scheduling?

Hi Ian,

It seems you have made backup job settings during the 14 days Professional trial and then when your SQLBackupAndFTP was converted to Free you backup job was failed. It happened because of the features that are used in the Professional edition are unavailable in the Fee edition.

Could you please send us a screenshot of the error message you get?

Sorry for the inconvenience.