Not backing up all tables. Limitations maybe?

I love this app! I do have a problem or a misunderstanding of how it works. I just opened up a backup file for the first time to import into my dev environment.

It has 8 tables of a bunch more than that. It’s a large database. I’m on the free version. The job is marked as completed. I see no errors.

Is there a limitation I didn’t understand? Have I misconfigured something? Any feedback would help, this program does exactly what I need and then some!

Hi Chris_Wible,

Thank you for the warm words!

SQLBackupAndFTP Free edition allows you to backup up to 2 databases, more information about other restrictions you can find at SQLBackupAndFTP Features & version comparison

If you backup your MySQL Server, and need to backup only the particular tables then your can list all the tables that should be excluded from a backup file via the following parameter:


that can be set into the “Extra command line parameters” box at the “MySQL Backup Options” window.

Please make sure that these backups can be restored, before scheduling a job.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!