Missing features for Enterprise

Hi. We’ve already mentioned a couple of missing options in the application, but from day to day it becomes more and more critical due to intensive usage of the PostgreSQL for big databases.
The previous were created by our DBA and can be found using following links:

Currently the missing options are:

  1. Using folders for jobs
  2. Sorting jobs by name
  3. Scheduler for restore jobs
  4. Possibility to perform point in time backup/recover for the PostgreSQL databases, using for example pgbackrest besides pg_dump
  5. PostgreSQL 13 support (during the automatic updates the PostgreSql directory is being updated with the pg_dump 12 binaries and we have to disable the automatic updates or every time replace the binaries after the update

Please feel free to communicate with our contact person via mail as soon as we have the email support due to using the professional version.

The email of the contact person is m.khegai@draftkings.com

Hi Ilan_Amir,

Thank you for all your requests. We have checked them, please find the details below:

  1. Sorry, but currently we have no plans to implement this feature, perhaps in the future we can consider it again
  2. We’ll consider it, thank you
  3. That option is already available in SQLBackupAndFTP version 12.5.2. Could you please check if t works for you?
  4. We’ll consider it, thank you
  5. We’ll fix it, thank you

Thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.

  1. We will be glad to have an additional notification if this feature will be considered. I think it will be wery helpful to manage the multiple jobs within the app
  2. Thanks a lot. We will be glad to get an update once it will be implemented
  3. Works like a charm! Thank you!
  4. We will be more than happy to get an update once it will be implemented
  5. We will be glad to get an update once it will be implemented to re-enable the automatic updates

Hi Ilan_Amir

We post all the release notes on our social media (Facebook, Twitter), you can follow us and keep abreast of the latest updates.