Missing Databases on Initial "Select" Option

On the next step of creating a job you have to select the databases. Unfortunately I’m missing databases, the select shows only the first 123 databases. I have 184 on my phpmyadmin. The same 123 databases are showing on the first page of phpmyadmin as well and I have to click to go to the next page. How can I set it up to have available for selection all of them?

I am in localhost.

Hi there, why there is no respond on this one for the last 24 H?

Hi John_Varsamis,

Thank you for the details, please give us some time to check this issue, if it is a bug, it we’ll fix it.

To receive direct email support from our team, you have to purchase a license with a one-year Full-Service subscription and contact us using a “Contact us” form at the “Support” https://sqlbackupandftp.com/support page. Otherway you have to rely on the community forum where we respond in turn, or perhaps other users can reply to your request earlier.

Please find more details at https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/full-service-subscription

Hey Alexander, I understand that I have to buy it, but since it’s not working like it should instead of just leave it and go to the next available on the market I preffered to write the issue here. I still have few days left on the trial so I’ll be waiting for your fix. I hope you understand that this is a very serious issue for a backup software, to partially backing up the databases instead of all of them and it’s an enormous risk for everyone that is using it as well.


Hi John_Varsamis,

We plan to fix this issue approximately this week.

If your trial expired, please provide us with your Application ID (“Help” > “About”), and we’ll extend it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi John_Varsamis,

Thank you for waiting. We have fixed this issue in the Alpha edition https://sqlbackupandftp.com/download/alpha Could you please install it and check if the issue is resolved?

Sorry for the inconvenience.