Local routines database error


When manually trying the email settings, we are getting the emails, but when a scheduled backup has completed, we are not. Plus, We’re getting this event in the Event Viewer :

Failed to execute job “name removed”. Backup type:“Full”.
Local routines database error. Method: “CleanupBackupRecordIfDestinationNotAssigned”. Message: Local routines database error. Method: “FindBackupObject”. Message: SQL logic error
no such column: q3.BackupType

We are using version 12.2.3 .

Thank You for any assistance!

Hello Pierre-Marc_Rioux,

Thank you for the details.

We have added some changes to SQLBackupAndFTP Alpha version https://sqlbackupandftp.com/download/alpha could you please install it and check if the issue is resolved?

Sorry for the inconvenience.