License on multiple machines

Hi, if we purchase a license, can we install the program using it on multiple machines\servers?


By default, one license can be used on one computer. You can change the number of computers where your license will be used at the “Pay” section.

If you need to purchase a license for multiple computers you can get the following discounts:

5–9 licenses = 10% off
10–19 licenses = 20% off
20+ licenses = 30% off

The discount will be applied automatically.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

I have 3 servers, I install SQLBackupAndFTP on my database server, but I need to restore some databases on developer server (no backup, only restore). May I use the same license to use restore?


One license can be used only on one computer for backup and restore jobs.

You can send your backups to the cloud destinations that are available in the Free edition and then install SQLBackupAndFTP Free edition on the server to which you need to restore the backups. With Free edition, you can connect to the destinations where your backups are stored and restore them.

Here are more details on how to restore with SQLBackupAndFTP

My computer crashed - which the app was running on. How do I move the license?

Hi Dave_Friedel,

Please find more details on how to move SQLBackupAndFTP License to a new computer at


we are tryng to buy more then 20 licenses but I’ve noticed that the discount applied to the total amount is only 15%. Have any changes been occurred since this post or I’m doing something wrong?

Dear Alessandro_Pavone,

Yes, the volume discounts that were mentioned above are very old and were changed. Could you please contact us via and provide us with more details about your order and we’ll check what we can propose you.

Thank you.