File location for SQL One-Click Restore

I changed the default location for database files, from C\Program Files\etc. to D:\SQL_DATA.

I have restarted the service, rebooted etc. I know it is working, because if I manually create a new DB, it uses the D:\SQL_DATA as the location for the data files.

But when I run the One-Click restore program, it is placing the data in the old location under c:\Program FIles.

How can I fix this? It makes the tool not that useful.

It seems the moment when the backup was made, the files were in the “Program Files” folder. During the restore process, One-Click Restore tool restores a database to a file using the same path as it was during the backup. Sorry, but One-Click Restore tool doesn’t read SQL Server settings where the files should be by default and doesn’t move files there.