Export/Import Jobs

Hi there,

I have set up a slightly differently (changes the FTP username for each one) backup jobs for some 120 machines and now need to set up a new job on all of them.

The problem is that I need to setup this new job machine by machine because if I use the configuration Manager I will need to change change the user name on every PC.

Is there a way to just import the new job leaving the current job as is on each one?

Thank you,


Hi Rafael,

Sorry, but there is no way to do it, but we can provide you with the following workaround:

SQLBackupAndFTP stores the data in the SQLite database. You can change these data manually using SQL script.

To do it, you have to use sqlite3.exe utility.

Sqlite database can be found by the following path: C:\ProgramData\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\Db\context.db

The needed table is named Destination.

The fields you need are DestinationSettings and AccessInfo (you can examine the contents of the database yourself using the sqlitebrowser utility).

Thus, you can write an SQL script that replaces (using UPDATE … WHERE …) the contents of these fields with the ones you need, and then execute this script with the following command

.\sqlite3.exe c:\ProgramData\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\Db\context.db “your-sql-script”

The command should be run sequentially on all servers on which this needs to be done.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.