Copies to Onedrive Business destination never end

Hello, we have SQLBackupAndFTP Pro version (12.1.3) and there are also some problems sending backups to OneDrive (Business version).

We acquired the Professional license, created a destination in OneDrive Business, entered the token (authorization code) and the test was successful.

We did a backup, I think the local temp was fine, but it takes hours and 50 minutes to copy just 6GB to OneDrive. I think something is wrong.

Saludos Cordiales / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
José Luis Bossio

Is it normal that it takes more than 60 minutes to copy 6 GB of database to OneDrive Business?

Note: It is not an internet speed issue, we have already checked it by uploading the file manually and it only takes a few minutes.

Starting a DB 6 GB on 5/27/2024 4:57:29 PM
Finished to upload to OneDrive 5/27/2024 5:52:42 PM


5/27/2024 4:57:29 PM [Info] Sending backup of "
5/27/2024 4:54:43 PM [Info] Starting job "Backu

5/27/2024 4:57:28 PM [Info] Connecting to "OneD
5/27/2024 4:57:29 PM [Info] The current destina
5/27/2024 4:57:29 PM [Debug] Reading the folder
5/27/2024 4:57:29 PM [Info] Uploading local "SA
5/27/2024 5:52:42 PM [Info] Uploaded 100.00 % (

5/27/2024 5:54:00 PM [Info] Deleting temporary
5/27/2024 5:54:00 PM [Info] Job "Backup Job - 1
5/27/2024 5:54:02 PM [Info] Sending job log to

Thank you in advance for your comment or recommendation

Saludos Cordiales / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
José Luis Bossio


Hello José Luis Bossio,

The issue you faced happens rarely due to the intensive use of OneDrive for Business. During the intensive use of OneDrive for Business, it starts limiting downloads.

OneDrive for Business will return to normal works, after a while itself according to the rules of throttling described in this article Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online | Microsoft Learn

We can confirm that we have implemented all Microsoft recommendations, and also referred to them on their forums. But they could not resolve this issue 100%. From time to time this problem occurs for some customers.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

Thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.