Changes to free version - differential backups. Disappointed

Hugely disappointed that you’ve changed what features are in the free version.
When I started using this in February, it was fine, but I had to make a workaround for hourly backups that didn’t carry on all night long. I then found the beta V11 and that had it baked in - hooray. It was perfect for our little company doing backups every couple of hours on SQL Lite.

I got a message that there was an update, so I clicked update. And now I get errors that differential logs aren’t available unless I pay.

I was tempted to pay for the not-quite-free version if it was a one-off payment. But as you also charge for updates, and the differential backups are in an more expensive licence, I won’t be. Especially disappointed given that I helped you sort a few bugs and you repay me by silently changing the feature set by version.

Daily backups it is then. Until you remove them and I have to find alternative software…


Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the inconvenience.