Can't schedule backup

I am evaluating your product, and have a strange issue. For some reason, it reports my backup as “Not Scheduled” and does not back up every day as intended. I have configured the schedule in the settings to do a full backup every 24 hours. When I close the schedule settings form, the settings window shows: “Full: 24hrs never”. I am not at all sure what the “never” is about, but perhaps that is related to my issue?


My stupidity. Sorry for the post. I misunderstood the “next backup” part of the schedule setup. I thought that it was filled in by the program to inform me when the backup would be next run. Rather, it was for me to fill in to tell the program when to next run. If the date/time you fill in is not within the backup window you also specify in the setup, then it won’t ever run. Perhaps the program should warn in this case?

Anyway, it works now.

Hi Bob_Ammerman,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Thank you.