Cannot reset password to solve licence issue

Good Morning,
We have a licence for 1 server and this has been working great. We have now moved to a new OS for the server. I have de-activated the licence on the old Windows 2008R2 server, and then installed the software on our new Windows 2019 Server and activated the licence.
This activated without an issue, and I was able to import the configuration file from the old server.
However, after 1 day, the software has gone back to “Free” mode and if I try to add the licence key, it says it has been activated on too many machines.

So I need to log in to my account in order to deactivate all instances of the licence. But I do not know my password.
I have clicked the FORGOT PASSWORD option but do not receive the email. I have checked my SPAM folder and also my SPAM Log file, and it is not showing anything from yourselves.

Can you please advise on how I can reset my password so that I can re-activate my licence,

I have had to create a second account with yourselves in order to post this support request.

Thank You

Hi Jonathan_Roome,

Could you please provide us more details about your license. Please tell us the email address you used to purchase SQLBackupAndFTP or license key you use to activate the license, we need it to identify your account. To make this information in secret please contact our support directly via

Sorry for the inconvenience.

hello, am also having same problem. sql keeps sending email to reset password but that does not work. I have sent them screenshot of my problem also but not getting any response

Hi Ashmita_Chugani,

To investigate the issue we need more details. Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue and a full text of the error message you get?

Sorry for the inconvenience.