Authentication unsuccessful (535)

Hello. I have just installed the latest version of SQLBACKUPANDFTP but I am having a hard time testing the email notification.

Kindly see the below error message.



Hi Ray,

Could you please make sure that you have specified the correct credentials. Also, you can find more details on how to send SQL Backup confirmations through my GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo account at

Hello Alex. Thanks for the reply.

Our SMTP server does not require any authentication. Also, see below images when I tried the link you have provided except for Yahoo as I’m only using a free account.



Just to add, we have the same SMTP server configuration on our service desk and network printers and email notification is working on all of them.

Hi Ray,

Thank you for the details. Please give us some time to check this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the late reply. It was just a firewall issue and it is now working.


Hi Ray,

Good news, thanks for the feedback.