MySQL (TCP/IP) "Full" backup type: - fails


Same issue here. At first an error that a file is missing in :\Program Files (x86)\SQLBackupAndFTP\DBMS\MySql
After re-installing this vanished.

But after that there is another issue:
Each backup fails with the error "ERROR 1044/42000): Access denied for user “xxxxx@xxxx.xx” to database “mysql”.
The cause is the way sqlbackupandftp (now) accesses the database: This is not possible in the security context of our server.
Prior to last update, everything worked fine in the same security context.

It looks like in the recent update there were some amendments that in some environments do not work. Any way to give the user the choice to use the old method?
Has anybody tried a downgrade?


Hi Ulf_Herrmann,

Thanks for the details, this is a known issue and we are working to fix it as soon as we can. Currently, you can use our previous version, you can download it at

Sorry for the inconvenience.