Application issues

Backup Error "Permission Denied in Database" (10)
Diff backup is not really a Diff one, as it takes the Diff always from the full (2)
Win32Exception (0x80004005): Access is denied pg_dump.exe (6)
Restore .SQL Database (2)
Database backup format ( .SQL not ..BAK ) (4)
Access denied when running scheduled job (4)
Restore not working (4)
Backup as separate tables (4)
\DBMS\MySql\mysql.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command - ALL Backups on various computers are failing with this error as of yesterday (16)
ERROR: Failed to backup database with "Full" backup type: : Type '' cannot be (5)
Destination connection. > Access is denied ( 2 ) (24)
Service keeps going offline and then back online 5 minutes later after latest update (3)
Column-statistics error (7)
MySQL (TCP/IP) "Full" backup type: - fails ( 2 ) (22)
Connection to MySQL Azure failed (The connection string may not be right) (3)
Backup error Value cannot be null (7)
Mysqldump error: 1043: bad handshake when trying to connect (14)
Restore SQL Database Error (2)
Local Myql Backup Failed (7)
Sql Backup and FTP Crashes After Upgrade to New Version (4)
Failed to backup "immoblock" database with "Full" backup type (4)
Backup Azure SQLDatabase: Signature application is not valid (5)
@saved_cs_client must be defined (2)
Will not backup more than two databses (2)
Server 2003 Early version no support for MYSQL (2)
Restore failed "Unknown character set 'utf8mb4'" (4)
MySQL Backup doesn't work anymore (6)
Azure stack mysql backup (2)
Scheduled backups have stopped (2)
The emails cannot be sent (2)